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Steel pipe maintenance principle

Steel-plastic composite pipe by Rui pipe (work steel) rent-reducing layer, insulation layer, reflective layer, fastening steel, sliding bracket, the air layer, the outer steel pipe, polyurethane spray, winding glass steel composition. With high strength, not easy to damage and can withstand greater load on the characteristics of the upper, in order to achieve long life, the outer casing of steel to be anti-corrosion treatment.

Steel-plastic composite pipe technology and equipment are high-tech products, suitable for all new building materials industry to invest in enterprises. Steel-plastic composite pipe technology and equipment energy saving, non-toxic, non-polluting, the production of pipe is a new environmentally friendly products. Production of water, electricity, gas, raw materials are no special requirements, the domestic easily solved.

If the outer wall of steel-plastic composite pipe with anti-corrosion coating, can increase the loop resistance, reducing the corrosion current; plus DC power to the soil to form a negative potential steel pipe, cathode maintenance constitutes a negative potential difference can be eliminated from the anode, from the basic suspension Anodic and cathodic processes stop. Anti-corrosion coating rule of law table, the cathode to maintain the rule of law. However, once the anti-corrosion coating is damaged, the partial corrosion of the Lufuga will be accelerated. Therefore, anti-corrosion coating and cathodic protection phase separation is the only solution to the problem, economical and effective. Internal and external coated steel pipe with anti-corrosion coating must be used at the same time cathode maintenance.

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