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The classification and antisepsis of petroleum casing

The oil casing can be roughly divided according to different usage patterns:

1, surface casing

The surface casing is mainly used to hang and support the subsequent layers of casing through the casing head mounted on the top. In other words, the surface shallow water layer and the front complex stratum isolation, the protection drilling is not subjected to shallow water layer pollution.

2, intermediate casing

Intermediate casing, or technical casing, is used to isolate layers of layers of pressure from different strata or to easily collapse and easily leak.

3, Production casing

The production casing is used to protect the production layer, as well as the supply of oil and gas from the production floor to the ground.

4. Drilling casing

The drilling casing is used to reduce the load of the drilling rig and the casing after the casing and the casing, saving casing and cement, and reducing the cost of cementing. In the use of industry and domain, oil casing shows important function and good performance.

The anti-corrosion of petroleum casing is mainly divided into: 1, on the outer wall to brush the anticorrosive coating. 2, Apply anti-corrosion coating on the inner wall. 3, Brush the anti-corrosion cooling coating.

As the oil casing is used in the arctic and the oceans, the harsh oil industry is used. The materials and structures required for the oil casing must have good nodal properties, excellent physical properties, stable chemical properties, and wide range of temperature adaptations. If the oil casing doesn't work, it should be coated with antiseptic coating. To help him cope with the harsh environment. Coating on the outer wall is used to reduce the erosion of the outside world. The anti-corrosion coating on the inner wall is to reduce friction, reduce corrosion in the tube and increase the oil throughput. The anticorrosive insulation coating is designed to deliver crude oil and fuel oil, reducing the amount of heat that the pipes send to the soil.

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