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The main characteristics of the precision bright tube

Steel tube high precision, high finish, both inside and outside wall steel after heat treatment without oxidation layer, the lining of high cleanliness, steel pipe under high pressure, cold bending deformation, flaring, flattening without cracks, can make all kinds of complex deformation and mechanical processing. Steel pipe color: bright in white, with high metallic luster.

Main use of precision light tube:

Automobile, mechanical parts and so on the precision of the steel pipe, the smooth finish has high requirements of the machine. And now the precision of steel tube users is not only for high precision and smooth finish demand users, for precision tube of high precision, tolerance can maintain in 2 -- 8, so a lot of machining the user to save the labor, material, at the time of the loss, the seamless steel tube or round steel is slowly into precision tube.

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