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What are the corrosion of stainless steel pipe gaps

1. Stainless steel tube gap

On stainless steel pipe due to the equipment, the structural cracks exist or exist on the surface of metal or non-metal deposits, formed in the sediments and stainless steel tube surface crack, under the effect of corrosive medium, the priority in aperture place will produce dots and ulcer damage, this is the crevice corrosion. In the medium containing Cl - such as water, because of the gap within the medium solution acidification (Cl - concentration increases, the PH down), hypoxia and passivation membrane caused by local failure (oxygen concentration cell, aperture of oxygen).

2. Seamless tube phenomenon

The local corrosion of stainless steel seamless pipe caused by alternating stress and medium. There are many theories about the cause of corrosion fatigue caused by mechanical (dynamic stress) and electrochemical (corrosive medium). No consistent conclusion has been reached. In terms of its production mechanism, a little corrosion stress concentration model is proposed. Model of the preferred solution of the type variable metal; The fracture model of metal film and adsorption model of active material are also included. But under the action of alternating stress in medium and under the action of alternating stress common passivation membrane rupture and slip steps of dissolution and passivation again repeatedly is to influence the key factor in the process of stainless steel tube corrosion fatigue.

To prevent and reduce the interchanging stress of stainless steel seamless pipe equipment and components, including eliminating the structural stress concentration to eliminate the stainless steel seamless pipe surface defects; With high fatigue strength, excellent corrosion resistance and fine crystal stainless steel seamless tube, the two - phase stainless steel seamless is the preferred material.

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